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Bioblock treatment - Bioblock paint contains a special fungicide that inhibits or retards the growth of mould or mildew on the painted surface

Class 100 - Class 100 is a classification for a "measured environment" known as a clean room. It limits the amount of particles greater than 0.5 microns to 100 per cubic foot of air as defined by US Fed Standard 209D (BS 5295).

Clean Room - A room for product assembly or health care whose dust, lint, or airborne pathogens air quality is critical. Such areas usually have smooth room surfaces to prevent dust collections; air precipitators or filters in order to keep dust, lint, etc... to a specified minimum level.

Cost indicator - 1 coin : lowest price / 5 coins : highest price

Hard Mineral Wool - A wet formed material manufactured from slag wool or rock wool, perlite, cellulose and binders, that can be punched, rilled, scored and painted to form decorative ceiling surfaces.

Humidity Resistance - Ceiling tiles' ability to perform without sagging. Standard tiles and panels are designed for installation within a normal occupancy condition range of 11 to 35°C and maximum 70%RH. When temperature and humidity resistance are expected to exceed these ranges, the use of 95% or 100% RH products should be considered.

Hygiene - Anti-microbial Treatment -  Where strictly controlled hygienic air quality is a project requirement, chemically treated tiles are available. Treatment is designed to prevent mould, mildew and bacteria.

Hygiene- High Pressure Cleaning The use of a superior quality fibreglass facing on the Parafon Hygien product means that it can be cleaned using a high pressure water spray (Max 80 bar). The application must be in the form of a fan spray of Min 30° and not a high pressure "cutting jet". The suggested minimum distance between the nozzle and the ceiling tile should not be less than 300mm and the angle of application should be 45°.

Laminated Ceiling Product - A hard mineral wool product with surface laminates such as metal laminate, glass wool scrim or polyester film.

Light Reflectance (LR) -  Light reflectance of a surface is its property of reflecting light. The measure of light reflectance is that fraction of the specified incident light which is reflected by the surface expressed as a percentage value.

Scrubbability / Frequent Cleaning - For applications where cleanliness is a priority, tiles may require cleaning beyond normal maintenance procedures. Ceilings with special facing material such as vinyl film offer superior performance. Metal ceilings may also be used for these applications.

Soft Mineral Wool - A ceiling product manufactured from raw materials such as rock wool, glass wool and binders with decorative facings.

Thermal Conductivity (k) - Ability of the material to resist heat transmission. The lower the reported number, the better the thermal insulation provided.

Washability / Occasional Cleaning - Ceiling tiles can be cleaned with moist cloth or sponge damped in water containing mild soap or diluted detergent.