Mesh Lay-In 3979MBK


The Armstrong Mesh Metal range is an ideal choice to achieve an industrial and contemporary look. Ideal in transport hubs, renovation projects with a modern touch and in general spaces with large ceiling areas. Available in various mesh patterns and colours, the products are designed for simple and economical installation on standard exposed grid systems.

Item # 3979MBK

Visual Characteristics

Surface Metal post coated
Pattern Mesh RB35
Edge detail Mesh Board
Colour Black (BK)
Dimensions 600 x 600 mm
Material Type Metal

Sustainability Characteristics

VOC Emissions A+
Recycled Content (%) 30%
Recyclable (%) 100%
Formaldehyde Emissions E1

Technical Characteristics

Sound absorption European Classification not rated
Humidity resistance (RH%) 95
Weight (kg/m2) 4.8
Fire reaction
EEA Euroclass A2-s1,d0
Cleanability Scrubbable
Scratch resistant